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Naija Startups was created to showcase the evolving start-up and small business landscape in a way that is truly representative of the wealth of innovation, talent and exntrepreneurship expertise in Africa.

Strategic Pillars

Facilitating investment, fundraising, and funding of businesses, enabling them to scale and stabilise.
Providing business development tools, resources and services to create adequate operational structures for investments-readiness.
Capacity & Capability
Enabling entrepreneur development through valuable content training, networking and mentorship programs, as well as international opportunities.

Major Accomplishment

MSME Followers
Startups Trained on Digital Skills
Member platform aspiring youth entrepreneurs aged 18-29
Board-ready business leaders
Business sectors represented
African countries represented including the diaspora (Canada, UAE, USA, UK, France, Italy & France)

The Three Tiers of Entrepreneurs

Programs & Activities

Image module
Young Entrepreneur Fellowship Programme
in partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) and Lagos Business School’s Enterprise Development Centre (EDC).
MBA Mentor Matching
a 3-month mentorship program for our millennial and aspiring business leader community.
Monthly Roundtable Sessions
with highly-renowned business leaders.

Who we are

Co-founded in 2015, Naija Startups operated as a social media resource for businesses, a go-to for digital skills and resources for MSMEs and evolved into an Entrepreneur Support Organisation over the years. Online, it has scaled rapidly to a 95,000+ hub for startups and small to medium sized businesses. Its programs cut across three tiers representing the key demographics in the African entrepreneurship landscape.

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